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Montana Blu

Fraîcheur minimaliste
Parfums Montana Paris, Eau de Toilette pour Femme Montana Blu

Montana Blu is the essence that best represents the return to a more rarefied, and almost minimalist, way of being a woman, brimming over with imagination, typical of the girls today.

An invitation to dreams for a young woman, ready to take up the latest trends, impulsive and non-conformist, constantly in search of emotions.

Montana Blu is not just a fragrance. It is a style of life that evokes a hushed and penetrating femininity, delicate and determined at the same time. Only the experience, creativity and glamour of Claude Montana could have conceived such a perfume...






A fancy fragrance, magical freshness

Un parfum irrésistiblement subtil et sensuel qui évoque simplement l'insouciance, le rêve et le bonheur. Un tourbillon de notes pétillantes et légères, florales et aquatiques qui symbolisent la pureté, la jeunesse. 

Il est utilisé tel un pouvoir magique qui s'exerce sur un être, une chose... un sortilège. 




Parfums Montana Paris, Eau de Toilette pour Femme Montana Blu
"Simplicity does not mean a thing is boring (...) it may conceal something extravagant"

Blu is a refreshing, flowery fragrance possessing a blend of fruity and floral, with lower wood and musk notes. A tender fresh floral feminine scent, brisk and breezy, a youthful perfume for all occasions...

The bottle has a discreetly rounded design, with a distinct, subtly elongated shape. The bottle is made of frosted glass and the perfume itself has hints of mauve. The transparent violet-colored case symbolizes youth and purity...



Notes de tête: bergamote, freesia, cardamome

Notes de coeur: rose, abricot, pivoine, grenade

Notes de fond: musc blanc, miel, bois de cyprès


Top notes: bergamot, freesia, cardamom

Middle notes: rose, apricot, peony, pomegranate

Base notes: white musk, honey, cypress wood

Parfumeur, Annick Morado



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