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Claude Montana dévoile un parfum masculin qui s'inspire du voyage sur les terres ancestrales, l'homme nomade au caractère déterminé qui part à la rencontre des civilisations, de leurs traditions.








Engraved in our hearts, Montana Initial is timeless, prestigious, inviting us to travel through its subtle notes...

This perfume challenges the man to explore his origins. It is an initiatory voyage through the fascinating cradle of mankind, holding secrets of human nature.

As an adventurer, he walks in the footsteps of his ancestors. He unearths hidden treasures for million of years. Such a globe trotter, he lives harmoniously among the tribes, inspired by their culture, their rituals.

He discovers the benefits of plants, the magic of spices and draws on their knowledge to develop his aromatic grimoire...

Montana Initial

Un voyage initiatique, un retour aux origines

Parfums Montana Paris, Eau de Toilette pour Homme Montana Initial
A magical woody elixir 
"Je vois l’homme comme un voyageur, un aventurier lointain."
Parfums Montana Paris, Eau de Toilette pour Homme Montana Initial

..Then, he composes his own magical elixir with stimulant, euphoric and soothing virtues to find that serenity and peace of mind, as a warrior before battle.

He combines spicy notes of bergamot, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom and decides to refine his formula with the lucky charm of the tribe he met: tonka bean.

He ends his potion with relaxing and woody notes of white cedar. Montana Initial, a return to origins.

Notes de tête: bergamote, lavande, figue

Notes de coeur: poivre, cardamome, noix de muscade, cannelle

Notes de fond: tabac blond, cèdre blanc, fève tonka, muscs veloutés


Top notes: bergamot, lavender, fig

Middle notes: pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon

Base notes: blond tobacco, Eastern white cedar, tonka bean, velvety musks

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