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The Avant-Gardiste


Claude Montana, an iconic fashion designer of the 80s, brought a new energy to French fashion. With his spectacular fashion shows featuring models with impressive shoulders and sophisticated looks, he infused a sense of freedom and created a new silhouette.

As a colorist first and foremost, Montana mainly worked with solid colors, combined with noble materials such as cashmere, leather - his passion - or silk. His favorite colors such as Klein blue, red, black, navy, as well as sands, grays, and all metallic tones, create a style with unprecedented harmonies.

A virtuoso of the line, Claude Montana entered legend with two consecutive Dés d’or awards, crowning his collections at Lanvin in 1991 and 1992 : a first in the history of haute couture! His clean shapes, expertly structured cuts, and subtle color and material harmonies earned him worldwide recognition.

(...) Through the power of his designs, bold cuts and colors, unprecedented proportions, and attention to detail, Mon- tana imposed a personal vision of fashion, where elegance competes with modernity.

Preface Claude Montana by Marielle Cro

Parfums Montana Paris | Claude Montana, le créateur de mode.

"The cut, the precision, and the simplicity are the keys to a successful garment."
Claude Montana

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TO SEE THIS SHORT FILM (follow the lien) :
The Influence of Radical Fashion Designer Claude Montana


Marielle Cro et Claude Montana. Montana, L'Éditeur,‎ octobre 2010, 192 p. 

Présentation en ligne


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"... J’ai seule­ment encore envie de me réin­ves­tir, car mon plus grand plai­sir, c’est de créer."


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