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Perfumer Lucas Sieuzac - Symrise, composed Eau d’Or as an oriental elixir with almost aphrodisiac spicy facets. The per- fume opens with a sparkling bergamot nuanced by a red and fruity accord combining strawberry and saffron. The heart, dazzling with luminosity, stages an opulent and carnal jasmine flower, enveloped in a vegetal note of papyrus. The voluptuous trail combines a caramelized incense with an animal note. An immediately identifiable signature, both delicious and para- doxical.


Top notes
saffron, bergamot, strawberry

Heart notes
jasmine, papyrus of Ciane

Base notes
caramelized incense, cistus labdanum



A dangerously seductive fragrance


Faithful to his reputation as an exceptional, audacious perfumer, Montana created a lavish, exuberant, unreasonable perfume : Eau d’Or... A symphony composed of a multitude of precious oils. Gold is a universal symbol of sophistication and glamour.

The transparent bottle, classic and pure, is made of beauti- ful hand-polished glass and topped with a golden-hued cap, affords a glimpse of golden juice.

The absolute perfection of this determined woman is striking. Her confident gait is almost animalistic. The trail of Eau d’Or that follows her creates excitement. Like gold, her confidence makes her untouchable and inaccessible. Fatal and wild, people search for her weakness to reach her.

Her beauty impresses, she is like the ultimate reward after an endless struggle. Everyone wants to have her, but only one will succeed in conquering her. This man is her weakness, just as fire is for gold: it liquefies her and makes her fascinating. The decision is hers, she will choose her trophy, Eau d’Or her perfume.

Eau d’Or is modern, sparkling and luminous, all at once. A fragrance that celebrates “ the beauty of being a woman ”.

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