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A legend, a cult perfume


Parfum de Peau represents everything the 80’s stands for in the popular imagination: it’s loud, daring, and cacophanous.

Parfum de Peau comes in a breathtaking, award-winning helix-shaped bottle designed by Serge Mansau, inspired by the rounded and sensual forms of the female body in motion. This fragrance is for a magnetic seductress, sophisticated and a independent socialite, she is reputed to be both sensitive and dangerously passionate. Outrageously excessive, she lives each instant fully as though it were the last. Of course, her perfume, a blend of patchouli, spices and heady flowers is as captivating as her.

Her strengths are her mind, her self-confidence, her disconcerting eyes, the image she has of herself and her impetuous reputation.

She is provocant and seductive perched atop unreasonably stiletto heels. It is not a coicidence if she wears the same per- fume as Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, Parfum de Peau.


Parfum de Peau was originally composed in 1986 by Jean Guichard and was reformulated by the great Edouard Fléchier. It is a floral chypre that opens up with an overwhelming burst of pepper and cardamom, combined with juicy fruits that excite the senses and leave the nose tingling. The ginger and carnation at the perfume’s heart enhance and prolong the peppery spiciness, while rose and tuberose give the fragrance depth and substance.

It is the base notes however, which turn this into a truly magical concoction: amber, cedar, patchouli, olibanum, vetiver, oakmoss, musk, civet and animalic notes, castoreum, all blend together perfectly, leaving us breathless, gasping for more in a state of addiction. Not only is Montana extremely unique and grossly, clashingly peculiar, it is also deviant by nature.




Top notes
blackcurrant, pepper, cardamom, marigold, ginger

Heart notes
rose, tuberose, narcissus, carnation

Base notes
patchouli, musk, castoreum, amber

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