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Top notes
bergamot, sweet praline, plum

Heart notes
sambac jasmine, heliotrope, carnation

Base notes
patchouli, vanilla, Amyris wood



A memorable experience


This liberated woman enjoys every moment. She is alluring, just like the Eau Cuivrée she wears. The red color of copper reflects in her hair, shining under the spotlights. Her piercing green eyes attract all attention to her. Copper is her elixir, her essence, the symbol of the union of Mars and Venus, red and green. Fire animates her, she unleashes herself, carried away by the frenzied sounds of Parisian nights. Her laughter enchants, her smile vibrates like a wind instrument in the hands of a musician. A woman both carefree and confusing, just like the perfume she has chosen.

Copper was associated with the goddess Aphrodite/Venus in mythology. It is a symbol of energy transmission, to which it attributes the power of reflection and motion.

Eau Cuivrée is the bewitching fragrance of a woman who knows how to use her charms and isn’t afraid of anything, capable of both humor and a devil-may-care attitude. A gorgeous, independent, liberated and assertive woman.



In this scenario, Eau Cuivrée embodies a contradiction between “ architecture ” and “ eccentricity ” present in Claude Monta- na’s fashion shows: a decidedly feminine, soft, and provocative fragrance. Alexandra Carlin - Symrise, imagines a complex and multi-faceted composition with an enchanting signature. At the outset, an addictive note of praline, sweet and subtle, flirts with the piercing freshness of bergamot. Built around a floral trio of jasmine, heliotrope, and carnation, the fragrance reveals its signature with a thrilling accord of patchouli and vanilla.

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