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Top notes open on an outburst of bergamot and freesia combining with appetizing red apples. The heart is an enchanting bouquet of flowers featuring jasmine, cyclamen, peony and orris.

The oriental base deepens on notes of amber, teak wood, sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli. Flirtatious, carnal and audacious.


Exuberance and audacity

Parfum de Femme is a bold and mesmerizing fragrance, a formidable weapon of seduction. Its subtly musky and floral note brings a touch of generosity and radiance. This fragrance is an unforgettable and addictive gourmet potion that captivates men’s senses. Inspired by the brilliance of love, this perfume embodies fatal seduction.


It is a fragrance for a woman in full control of her abilities, naturally irresistible, stylish and elegant. She knows how to use her sex appeal to attract men, who can only succumb to her sensuality. Parfum de Femme is a provocative and sensual perfume that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression, while being subtly seductive.

A bold and sensual perfume that embodies the strength and confidence of the modern woman.

“ We are like a crystal glass that produces a pure sound but can break at any moment. ”
Claude Montana.


Top notes
bergamot, freesia, red apple

Heart notes
jasmine, cyclamen, peony, orris

Base notes
amber, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood, teak wood

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