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Top notes
white tea, mandarin, pink peppercorns

Heart notes
osmanthus, lily of the valley, jasmine

Base notes
patchouli, pearly musk, precious amber



For Emilie Coppermann (Symrise), Eau d’Argent reflects the values of elegance and refinement. A soliflore fragrance tinted with poetry, a romantic and refined scent revealing a bright and sophisticated trail.

The fragrance is like a white fresh breeze from down to top where lily of the valley unveils its transparency and lightness. It is topped with a white tea accord and stoned with pearly musks.


A fragrance evocative of enchantment


Bright and white, the silver colour is symbol of all kinds of purity. It is pure light, as received and made by transparency of crystal, clarity of water, reflection in the mirror, brilliance of the diamond.

It looks just like the purity of intention, trust, fidelity, deep and caring love.

Eau d’Argent is about a woman’s inner beauty, her confidence, her passion, and her sensuality. Inspired by the luminous radiance of every woman, the fragrance embodies a modern, pure femininity and has a surprisingly sensual energy.

This woman has both feet firmly in life and lives out her sensuality without inhibition and complexes. She is swaying the hips as she talks. She works in the wings but with great determination and sets naturally high standards.

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