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Edition 4
A bold blend of spices and woods with spicy top notes of saffron and pine, a floral and woody heart of cedar and jasmine, and a warm and sensual base of musk and amber.

Edition 5
A fusion of vibrant top notes of cistus, saffron, and davana, enchanting heart notes of patchouli, Atlas cedar, and rose, and luxurious base notes of sandalwood Oud and leather, warmed by sensual musk and amber.



Haute Couture


The new haute parfumerie perfume collection Montana Collection celebrates the legacy of the iconic French couturier known for his bold, elegant, and modern crea- tions. This collection reflects those same qualities through sophisticated, modern, and unique fragrances, which have been created with the utmost attention to detail and the quality of the raw materials used.

Each perfume in the Montana Collection pays tribute to the influence of the eponymous fashion house in the wor- ld of fashion, with elegant and modern bottles that perfectly reflect the brand’s characteristic minimalist and streamlined aesthetic.

By choosing one of the perfumes from the Montana Collection, you will immerse yourself in the legacy of one of the greatest names in French fashion, while enjoying a refined and sophisticated olfactory experience.


Edition 1
A refined olfactory harmony, with sparkling top notes of ber- gamot and pink berries, a delicate floral heart of rose, and a sensual and warm base of musk and amber.

Edition 2
A captivating fragrance with fresh and spicy top notes of sage and pink berries, a delicate floral heart of orange blossom and blackcurrant, and a warm and enveloping base of vanilla and patchouli.

Edition 3
This fragrance seduces with its bright top notes of jasmine and blackcurrant, an enchanting floral heart of rose and narcissus, and an oriental and mysterious base of oud, benzoin, and patchouli.



Montana Collection
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