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Top notes
mandarin orange, pink pepper

Heart notes
tuberose, orange blossom

Base notes
sandalwood, vanilla, cedarwood, amber



A modern interpretation of iconic fragrances
from the eighties


The fragrance of a sexy party girl who is afraid of nothing and knows how to have fun, “80” by Montana transports us to the early eighties, a time when nights sizzled and parties rocked. A certain carefree nature fills the air. Days are spent working hard, the better to go wild at night. After major social causes, individual success is the new ideal. At night, the Palace in Paris and Studio 54 in New York dazzle.


Under the disco balls, sculpted bodies in extravagant outfits with vibrant colours, heightened by Lurex, shake to disco beats, New Wave or the first rap hits. During the day, women – heady with their first professional success – show off

dominating styles with structured haircuts and tops with exaggerated shapes. They wear dizzying fragrances drenched in white flowers...


Highly motivated, the perfumer Antoine Lie (Givaudan) based his work on a very 80s structure of heady white flowers – tuberose and orange blossom – but with a smoother and more modern signature.



“80” by Montana is a contemporary reinterpretation of those mythical fragrances. An intoxicating, sensual, and completely addictive floral-oriental. At the top, the «80» party begins with a sweet/spicy mix of mandarin and pink berries. An original cocktail that immediately makes you want to know more. The heart of “80” beats to the rhythm of a sublime tuberose, queen of white flowers, interpreted here in an ultra-modern way. The base, with its creamy and milky notes, takes us until the end of the night.

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