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Parfum de Peau, a legend, a cult fragrance!


Created to be a fragrance that is at one with the skin, this cult perfume is an essential classic in the world of perfumery. A name, a scent, Parfum de Peau evokes such fond memories... A sculpted, structured bottle, instantly recognizable, evokes the curves of a woman in motion.


"I wanted a bottle conceived as a work of art, whose frosted glass spiral evokes the curves of a woman's body in motion. This fragrance is the transposition of my fashion into the most timeless form possible. I've put my materials and colors into it. Suede, leather, cashmere, silk and linen are translated by a leather note (oak moss and birch). Cold colors are expressed by tagette and ginger in the punchy, spicy opening note. Then the notes warm up to evoke leather and gold: here comes amber. "

Claude Montana.


  • Original, warm and sensual, Parfum de Peau envelops the body like an olfactory tattoo. A chypre, spicy and musky note...

    Eau de Toilette
    Top notes : blackcurrant, pepper, cardamom, marigold, ginger
    Middle notes : rose, tuberose, narcissus, carnation
    Base notes : patchouli, musk, castoreum, amber

  • Created by Jean Guichard and reformulated by Edouard Fléchier, for its opulent trail and chypre style in vogue in the 80s, when women wanted to assert themselves in every way. This sensual fragrance dresses the wearer in a unique, chypre scent with animalic, leathery inflections.


    Year : 1986


    Perfumer : Jean Guichard, reformulated by Edouard Fléchier

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